Saturday, May 26, 2012

From the Sets of JISM-2 Sunny Leone in BIKINY

It took adult film star Sunny Leone one full day and many retakes to get the first lovemaking scene right for Jism 2. The sexy scene has Randeep Hooda making love with Sunny Leone, who is fully clothed. 

The Pooja Bhatt film is currwently being shot in Sri Lanka after wrapping up the shoot in Goa.
Speaking to ---, Pooja Bhatt said: "Sunny and Randeep were shy with each other initially but that worked for me as they're meant to be awkward with each other initially in the film."
"Sex is pivotal to brand Jism. My actors don't sing, dance or have sex for mere effect. They do so because it is essential to the script and it takes the story forward," she added.

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